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LSG coach Justin Langer’s plea during his debut IPL game

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After watching my 11 circle apk the young left-arm spinner M Siddharth bowl an arm-ball in the nets, Justin Langer, the head coach of the Lucknow Super Giants, had one piece of advice for him: get rid of Virat Kohli. Siddharth, the young boy from Tamil Nadu, nodded and timidly replied, «Yes, sir!» When Siddarth and Kohli faced off in the opening match of the 2024 Indian Premier League, Langer had no idea that Siddarth would honor his promise.

In just his second IPL game, Siddharth got rid of the storied Virat Kohli of the Royal Challengers Bengaluru. Although the 25-year-old did not take a wicket in his first match against the Punjab Kings, he did take his first wicket of the tournament with this ball.

Siddharth was told to adapt to left-arm spin since his bowling lacked velocity, unlike betway india, who bowled with pace. The ball could still swing freely, though. His lightning-fast throws that veer midair have earned him a legendary reputation. Not only has his experience enhanced pace variety, but it has also made things more difficult for hitters trying to position themselves against him. Kohli was even duped by this ploy.

LSG posted a video on their social media platforms and moved up to fourth position in the IPL 2024 points standings after beating by a commanding 28-run margin. In the video, head coach Langer shared his early thoughts on Siddarth.

I had never spoken to him before… An arm ball was what I saw. First thing I said when I met M Siddharth was, «Hey Sid!» «Yes, sir,» he answers. «Can you get Virat’s release on our behalf? Moreover, what action did he take? There was a boisterous burst of applause in the LSG locker room as Langer spoke. «He gets him out.»

After a couple of rapid-fire delivery, Siddharth slowed the pace. Because of the slow tempo, dafabet 2024 by attempting his flip shot too soon, which gave the point fielder the upper hand. Because of the way that Kohli was playing at number 22, it was a crucial wicket for LSG. And Kohli hardly ever gives up a run once he gets his sights set on the goal.

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